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Using QHTM with VC5

QHTM is written and compiled using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0. Because of this there is a minor issue regarding the link library shipped with QHTM. It is easy to resolve with these simple steps:

  1. Create the following .def file
  2. ; Begin qhtm.def
    ; Module Definition file for 32 bit DLL
    QHTM_Initialise@4				@1
    QHTM_PrintCreateContext@0		@2
    QHTM_PrintDestroyContext@4		@3
    QHTM_PrintSetText@8				@4
    QHTM_PrintSetTextFile@8			@5
    QHTM_PrintSetTextResource@12	@6
    QHTM_PrintLayout@16				@7
    QHTM_PrintRegion@16				@8
    QHTM_EnableCooltips@0			@9
    QHTM_PrintPage@16				@10
    ; end qhtm.def
  3. Execute the following from the directory containing qhtm.dll and qhtm.def:
  4. lib /def:qhtm.def

This will create a LIB for VC5.

Note that you may need to change the DLL name if you are using a registered version.