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QHTM - Small Win32 HTML control

Are you tired of writing owner-draw code to simply add some colour to your applications? Would you like to add an animation to a button without having to resort to hundreds of lines of code? Do you want hyperlinks, tables, fonts, bitmap backgrounds, transparency and much, much more?

Perhaps you're looking for ways to display log file output using colour to signify warnings/errors, or perhaps you want to create a more dynamic splash screen. Maybe you want your MessageBox's to have some formatting or perhaps you want to include some colour in your tooltips.

Maybe you just wish to use HTML to spruce up your screens without the hassle of doing a huge amount of owner-drawn code; Demo screenshot showing the use of HTML within listbox items.

Best of all QHTM is small, light and completely under your control.

No more worries about the version of IE installed. No more working with obscure COM documentation to try to get something to fit your application. Just use QHTM and you can have everything your way - including full source code!

Download the self contained demo and try it for yourself.

QHTM is used in...

Demo screenshot showing how HTML, including 32bit MNG animations can be used on a button with a single line of code

Below are some common problems solved with QHTM.

  • Using HTML as main navigation in an application - it's easy to translate the UI when it's HTML!
  • Powerful reporting - Create powerful and flexible reporting using QHTM rendered HTML.
  • Adding hyperlinks to HTML based Message Boxes - great for displaying errors and then directing your customers to an FAQ page on your site.
  • Adding simple input forms to application - it's so easy to write and again it's easy to translate it.
  • Powerful and flexible CD auto-run application - most of the work is achieved using QHTM!
  • Render HTML emails to bitmaps for display on web sites without any of the security woes.
  • Add colour and animations to dialog boxes but witout any of the coding hassles.

Winspector - Just like Spy++...only better

Winspector screenshot

Is Spy++ getting in your way, if the hassle of click, drag, click, right-click and select, just to get messages for a window, is getting you down then try Winspector.

Winspector includes many unique and time saving ways to spy on Windows messages such as hiding hidden windows, message filters based on the window class name and many-many more.

Looking for a great TV Guide?

Then why not use the best TV guide (that would be DigiGuide) ... A fantastic PC based TV guide with powerful and mind bogglingly cool features.