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DigiGuide 'Just Starting' Add-In

What is it?

It's an Add-in for DigiGuide (A PC based TV guide). Once installed it will popup an MSN messenger like popup window by the icon tray.

It has a few options but right now it is in development, it basically does what I want and with some help it will probably do what you want too ;-).

How to use it...

Run DigiGuide and you'll see a rather crummy new icon in the tray (anyone got a nice one?). Double click it to see all programmes on now. The window will stay for a short period and then automatically disappear. Hover the mouse over the window and it will stay.

Right-click on the icon to alter some basic options.


Changing the look of the popup windows

If you take a look in the DigiGuide directory you'll see the add-in and a new folder called "DGProgrammesStarting". This contains a few HTML files and some images.

The files prefixed with "new" are used when new programmes start. Those files prefixed with "all" are used when you show all current programmes.

You'll notice that some of the "all" files have category names (I'm thinking of changing this coz it's a little stinky). These files are used when displaying programmes of that category in the "programmes on now popup. The same style can be applied to the "new" files.

What's with these ugly html files? I hear you say. The files currently supplied are for my testing purposes only. If some generous, smart, creative genius wants to improve them then I'd be happy to use them.

I hope to document the tags for the programme details etc. but I'll only do it once the project is nearing completion.


Download and installation

Once you have downloaded it extract the ZIP file and run the setup EXE. When prompted for a directory choose your DigiGuide directory.



Just use the Control Panel applet Add/Remove programmes. The Add-In only installs files into the DigiGuide directory so they could be picked out and deleted by hand if you feel that way inclined.

Does it work with DigiGuide v5 or v6?

Yes, both.

Are there bugs?

Of course. here's a list of a few I know about that will be fixed RSN:
  • After some time of running the add-in will think there are more programmes on than there really are.
  • Sometimes the HTML for "new programmes" wraps incorrectly.
  • If you mess with the HTML then it can crash...don't let that put you off though.

Where's the source?

I'm glad you asked that. I'll upload the source code as soon as it's finished. If you can't wait then email me and I'll see what I can do.