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All software has bugs.

Yes, it's true. Seriously it is.

Here's a simple example of a bug that renders your software laughably untested. I have just attached my new ipod nano for the second time and I decide to register it. I select United Kingdom because that's where I am and I get the screenshot below.

I'm not moaning about Apple or specifically picking on them, but I am using them as an example because it came up right now.

I'd really like to agree to the terms and conditions of use for their stuff but their software has essentially prevented me from doing so. What will their system assume when I do click continue I wonder. I'm pretty sure it will assume I did indeed read the agreement and they will claim that I did if I even find myself on the other side of it.

I could say that I have indeed read them and I now have a screenshot to prove that I did...

Anyway, I'm only mentioning all of this because it's interesting to see the much lauded Apple being a bit dim in the testing department (and yes, I do know this isn't the first Apple bug someone has found).

I love my new nano despite the bugs.