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AutoLogon NT

[What Is It?] [Download It!]

What is it?

It's a Windows NT utility that when dropped into the startup folder of your start menu will allow you to never again have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to login to your Windows NT Workstation or Server. It works by setting a registry value, this registry value tells NT to logon as whoever last logged on, NT then clears this registry setting, I guess as a security precaution, which is why it needs to go in the startup folder and get executed every time you log in.

There is a tool that comes with the NT resource kit that allows you to set this registry key but you have to manually run it every time you log in. By dropping this tiny utility in your startup folder you will never again be plagued by the login dialog.

Note that I use this at home and most of my development team use it at work but it is not for everyone, particularly if you are security conscious.

Download the tiny executable to use this utility or if you want to see how remarkably simple it is then download the source code.

I have tested this code on Windows NT Workstation and Server version 4.0 with service pack three on both of them. Because it is only intended to work on NT the EXE is compiled for UNICODE.



Important: If you redistribute AutoLogon please leave the zip file intact You must not sell AutoLogon or redistribute it as part of a commercial product without prior agreement with Russ Freeman

Click to download AutoLogon now! — 3KB

Click to download the AutoLogon source code — 7KB