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QHTM - Ultra small Win32 HTML control

Current build: 178
Build Date: 25 February 2006
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Welcome to the world of rich markup anywhere in your application. Using QHTM you can place HTML content on any window, any device context, on a report, on a button or even in a tooltip.

QHTM is written entirely in C++ and does not rely on MFC, nor does it need IE installed. Instead QHTM uses direct Win32 API calls which makes it very fast and very light.

BuildIt task using QHTM for the banner complete with larger text and an icon. Uses a dialog box control and not a single line of code.

Download the demos

Whether you have broadband or not, you can download an entirely self contained demo. The HTML and images files are part of the resources so no external files are needed.

  • Download the demo (471KB) for x64 (502KB)
    Demo application built using the static link version of QHTM.
  • HTML Tray Message Sample
    Article describing how to use QHTM to show a HTML message from the system tray - source included
  • Winspector
    Winspector is a Windows message spy utility and is far superior to Spy++. It is in developement right now but you can see how QHTM has made a number of chores much simpler.
  • Zip file of examples (481KB)
    Several examples including a simple window, dialog, MFC app with print and print preview, and the source code to the demo.

BuildIt output window showing FTP upload progress in a well presented format using QHTM's 'add HTML' API and it's image callback API.


Using QHTM

Here you will find some notes and sample files to make using QHTM even easier.


Free non-commercial version available

You can use QHTM in your applications for FREE. The free version can be used in freeware but not in commercial software. For details see the agreement in the installer.

You can of course use the non-commercial version to try QHTM before buying a commercial licence.


Full source code

If the free version doesn't quite satisfy your needs then you can purchase the full version, optionally complete with full source code and build instructions. With source code you can statically link QHTM to your application and remove the need for an extra DLL in your distribution.