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Linking with QHTM

Binary version

If you are using either the free non-commercial version or the binary only commercial version then you should link to QHTM.lib. To execute your program you'll also need the QHTM.dll file located either in the same folder as your program or on the search path (not recommended).

By default QHTM will include the QHTM.lib when you include the header file. However, should you not wish to do this (because you want to dynamically load QHTM) then simply #define QHTM_NO_LINK_LIBS before including QHTM.h

Source code

Assuming you have built can of course do the same as the binary version but when you have the software you also have the ability to compile and link to static libraries.

To get QHTM to automatically link all of the libraries needed just #define QHTM_LINK_STATIC_LIBS before including the QHTM.h

Should you wish to do this manually then I would suggest taking a look at the QHTM.h to see which libraries are brouht in by default. Note that the libraries are subject to change as new builds are released