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QHTM - Free, non-commercial use download

Click here to download the ZIP file now - 1,188KB

The free version has all of the features of the commercial version. The difference is in the ways in which you are allowed to use it.

For details please see the agreement in the installer. It's pretty simple stuff; If you make money either directly or indirectly from a product that uses QHTM then you will need to pay for a commercial licence.

What's in the download

It includes the DLL, LIB and header file for you to make use of QHTM without delay in both unicode and ansi for both 32 and 64bit versions.

Please check out the this example for some guidance on using QHTM. If you have problems with using the control then contact [email protected] and I'll do my best to help.

QHTM.dll is just 489KB when unpacked onto a disk and using WinZip it compresses down a lot more.

If you buy the source code then this can be reduced substantially by compiling bits of QHTM out. The biggest saving is in image processing!

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