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General Software Development
Win32 Source/Samples/Tutorials
Graphics Programming
General Links

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General Software Development

MSDN OnlineEasily the best knowledgebase to be found online, make it your first stop when confronted with a technical problem
Windows Developer's JournalGood magazine, it always has something interesting in it. The web site has all of the source code for the articles for pretty much all of the issues.
Code GuruA definite must, it has a lot of very useful MFC related code, many of which you can just take, use and abuse.
Code ProjectA definite must, it has a lot of very useful MFC related code, similar in function to CodeGuru but with a very slick interface.

Wotsit's File FormatNeed to know a file format, then this is for you.
SysInternalsNice site with some useful utilities.
Shawn RigginsSource code and utilities.
PJ Naughter's Home PageTons of useful MFC source code, plus freeware and shareware.
ZLib compression libraryAs used by many tools and utilities including the PNG image format.
The Open Source OrganisationAs it says...
Programmes HeavenThe most complete online source to download free programming files, source code, tools and more for a whole range of languages and technologies, including VB, C/C++/C#, .NET and Java.


Win32 Source/Samples/Tutorials

Chris Becke's Home on the WebThe "Win32/Programming things" section has several useful projects and samples
Reliable SoftwareCool site with lots of interesting opinions, code, hints and tips
Windows TutorialsNicely organised (if untitled) set of pages.


Graphics Programming

paintlibpaintlib is a C++ class library for image file decoding and manipulation. It currently supports the PNG, TGA, TIFF, JPEG/JFIF, Windows BMP, and Mac PICT formats as well as EPS previews. Works on Windows and Solaris.
The Graphics File Formats Page Source code, formats, FAQs etc.
Independent JPEG GroupLinks to the freeware jpeg library.
No Dither Netscape Color PaletteIf you want a colour palette that is the same as your browser.
The GIF ControversyThe GIF Controversy: A Software Developer's Perspective. Describes the events and details about why developers have to pay UNISYS for using GIF.
libmng home pageFree animated image file format, the Internet's answer to GIF.


General Links

CareWareJust plain cool. Don't forget to check out the main site too arachnoid
GipsyMedia LimitedThis is my current employer. We produce Best of Breed Electronic Programme Guides, you can see a web and PC version by visiting
Digita Open SystemsThis is my previous employer. While I worked at Digita I wrote Digita Organiser and worked on Taxability Pro. I also went to work at MS in Redmond for Digita for several months.
You can go to Digita and download Organiser from their web site.
The Jargon DictionaryGot Jargon? Need it busting? Then this is the place to go. A place to while away the hours between lengthy meetings.
Cool Tool of the DayCool Tool of the Day-- Shareware, Freeware, Downloads.